Bad Girls Don’t Die By Katie Alender


This book is about Alexis dealing with a little sister in middle and herself being in high school. Her sister, Kasey, starts acting a little strange, stranger than normal. During middle school, kids are always looking for a friend to understand them. Alexis starts to see and hear weird things such as noises and a story that she seemingly made up about a young girl killed at their house. It turns out that the girl from the “made-up” story is completely real and looking for revenge on every person related to the people who killed her and is using Kasey to extract her revenge. Alexis tries to save her sister from the bad girl with the doll.

This book was very good. I enjoyed the quick easy read. I also really liked the way it was showing the hardship of being in high school. I liked the family aspect also. Her parents are distant because of work and also the girls getting older and pulling away from their parents. It also shows friendship can happen between anybody whether they are a cheerleader, goth, or class president. It shows that everybody can have something in common with anybody. I would recommend this book for people to read who like the paranormal. This book is part of a series that I would hopefully one day like to read.


Broken and Screwed by Tijan

This book is bout loss and healing. As someone who has lost someone, I understand the need to have healing and people do it in different ways. This book is about how Alex lost her brother and Jesse lost his best friend. After losing her brother, her parents become nonexistent in her life but Jesse still remains as her healer. The two use each other to heal and become better. Where Alex wants Jesse in her life permanently, Jesse just wants to keep Alex around for when he needs her. This book is decent. I have started reading the second book, but I really had problems with the book because it was almost like a cycle that just kept happening and it never changed. I did enjoy it none of the less. I would recommend people to read it because it explains how people react completly different to loss. It also goes to show that as family, people may not know their family as much as they would like to believe and it is okay to not know every thing about them but to always be there and love each other.

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I “live” when my autocorrect gets it right

My Men and Me


I’ve been the victim of some embarrassing autocorrects, that’s for sure. List has been changed to lust more than once, and How To lust is a lot different from a How To list.

The one that happens most, though, is the adjusting of love to live. And that change actually makes some sense.

Love is meant to be lived, you know. Love needs to breathe and to touch and to do things.

Lived out love is like exercise. Lived out love develops muscles and a good set of lungs, if you know what I mean. Coach potato love doesn’t do anyone any good.

Love is living when it stops and runs into a ditch by the railroad tracks to bring home the sweetest smelling flowers that grow on the prairie.

Love is living when it takes a whole day to bake cinnamon buns for the grandchildren, and a…

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Breaking rules by Tracie Puckett

This book was decent. It was a quick read but I did not really enjoy it as much as I thought I would have. The plot is simple in that girl has a mean father, meaner sister, and an absent mom. A guy comes into her life. He is 21, while she is still a senior in high school (weird?). She starts falling for him and he pushes away and blah blah. It was kind of predictable story line, but at the end it starts to get a little better which is why I say that this book is not a complete let down. I did end of feeling sorry for Mandy at the end. There is a second book to this book but I doubt I will ever read it. Oh well, on to the next. Image

Jaded and Faded by Mercy Amare

Yes there are two books that I am talking about but the book series has three books in the series I just have yet to read the third because I am cheap and do not want to spend money at the moment. These two books are amazing. When I first started Jaded I thought, “Well this is just going be another predictable book and I do not know if I want to continue with this book.” I am so glad I continued this book and continued until the next. I have been in a romance kind of book mood lately and this is just what this book series is. Be warned that the books do end in cliffhangers but pick right up where they are left off. The main character is a strong rock star. I have never really read a book about a female rock star but boy was I suprised by this book. The book gives the right amount of comedy and love to make this series great. In the first book we see Scarlett Ryan move to a small town. Scarlett Ryan is a famous ninteen year old rock star. Unlike most rock star books, she does not hide her identity which i found refreshing but yet she embraces who she is. She find friendship and love in this small town. There are so many twists and turns that these books keep you on your feet. ImageImage


I am literally in love with some many different fictional characters from my books. My one guilty pleasure read that I have literally read all the books more than once is any book by Abbi Glines. The Sea Breeze and Rosemary Beach are by far my favorite books series to read during a rainy day or any day that I feel like I just need a good love story. These books have literally gotten me through so many hard times where I feel like I just need to read a good love story. These books also kind of make it hard for me to look at my relationship and not want what every girl in these books have, but I have to remind myself that these are just books and not real life. Silly me. I cannot get enough of each and every one of those books. I refuse to read Jace and Bethys story because I know I would probably be depressed for an entire week. I cannot handle that heartbreak. I cannot wait to read more and more even though the Sea breeze Series is ending I will get to know what happened to everybody. 

Class Participation 2/5

One time I went hunting with my boyfriend. We had been sitting in the stand for a little while. It was getting dark but a doe walked out into the green field. My boyfriend took aim and shot the deer. Most people would be upset that he killed the deer but I do not see it as being a bad thing but using the resources that God made. God made the animals to feed us. People who claim to that killing animals is wrong do not really understand. Why would we have animals if not to give us food. The animals that we domesticate are safe but why? Why is it only acceptable to kill certain animals? I do not agree with killing animals such as cats and dogs but it just starts the argument why deer and not these other animals? When  see my boyfriend kill a deer I understand he is not doing it just cause he wants to kill something, he is doing it because it provides food. The people who hunt or kill animals for the benefit of feeding other people truly are not harming anybody , but helping feed people. People need meat and protein to survive and yes people can get it another away but the best way and healthiest way is to eat meat. I feel better knowing that these animals have died and are able to help people in some way. I do not know how I would feel about killing an animal myself but I have nothing against someone else shooting. Also, I think seeing where the food comes from is something everyone who eats meat should see because t helps them understand that yes something is being killed in the process but it is humanly and done so for a purpose and not just for sport. That is what I thought about while looking at what my boyfriend had killed and what will feed me.

Class participation 2/3

I read an article entitled “To Label or Not to Label: California Prepares to Vote on Genetically Engineered Foods” by Richard Dahl. This article is mainly written to help educate the people on exactly what GMOs are and what they do. The article gives many different views and does not stick to just a yes it is good or no it is not good. The articles has many different scienctists telling how they feel and what they have seen from GMOs. It also describes many tests that are being done to acces the probablity on GMOs being harmful or not. It also gives information about what will be voted on. It gives reasons why some people say that it is nerssicary to have GMOs and then also has information about why some people will vote against it.